CNT Associates

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Gary Parker and Caroline Skelly at the Engine House


CNT Associates is a business and community services organisation that works with SMEs, social enterprises and other civil sector organisations, to develop their organisations, raise funds for them, develop partnerships and provide a wide range of diverse consultancy and training support.

We can help your organisation – raise funds, get new clients, train/coach/mentor/upskill your staff & clients, develop partnerships and get new business.

Since our inception we have:

  • Trained over 4,000 people
  • Raised over £30 million in funding
  • Undertaken over 500 consultancy assignments
  • Worked with over 4,000 businesses/social enterprises
  • Worked with over 5,000 charities

CNT provides a wide range of training courses in areas including:

Funding Courses

  • Business & Social Enterprise funding
  • Creative Industries funding
  • Tech projects and organisation funding
  • Wellbeing Funding
  • Health and Social Welfare funding

Business Support

  • Digital services training and consultancy – in areas including Shopify, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Making your business or organisation resilient
  • Coaching and mentoring for businesses, charities and social enterprises

Others are available, please contact us or join our mailing list for more information.