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CNT Associates is a business and community services organisation that works with SMEs, social enterprises and other civil sector organisations, to develop their organisations, raise funds for them, develop partnerships and provide a wide range of diverse consultancy and training support.

We can help your organisation - raise funds, get new clients, train/coach/mentor/upskill your staff & clients, develop partnerships and get new business.

Since our inception we have:
  • Trained over 4,000 people
  • Raised over £30 million in funding
  • Undertaken over 500 consultancy assignments
  • Worked with over 4,000 businesses/social enterprises
  • Worked with over 5,000 charities

CNT provides a wide range of training courses in areas including:

Funding Courses
Business & Social Enterprise funding
Creative Industries funding
Tech projects and organisation funding
Wellbeing Funding
Health and Social Welfare funding

Business Support
Digital services training and consultancy - in areas including Shopify, LinkedIn and Instagram
Making your business or organisation resilient
Coaching and mentoring for businesses, charities and social enterprises
Business planning
Specialist support for social enterprises
Support for start-up businesses, charities and social enterprises

Others are available, please contact us or join our mailing list for more information

We have some new, set price Business Support Packages available - see our News & Activities page

Courses & Events

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